Teesside Ranking Events 2008-18


Each member, player and official is responsible and accountable for his own conduct in connection with the sport of darts.


He/She must conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the highest

standards of disciplined and sporting behaviour.


Any conduct that falls below these standards and that harms or undermines the sport of darts in any way shall constitute a Disciplinary Offence. The minimum action against proven Anti-Social behaviour is a reduction of 10 points from their aggregate score.


Teesside Ranking events prides itself on a Great day out for both young and old and will not tolerate fighting/spitting/verbal abuse and drugs or any other case of Anti-Social behaviour. All cases will be discussed by the Ranking Event committee and the punishment will be agreed by that panel



Teesside Ranking Events

Teesside Ranking Events is a non profit making darts body relying on sponsorship from participating venues. 

§  Tournaments are open to all dart players, male or female regardless of past or present affiliations to any other darts body.

§  Both players and officials are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and courteous manner at all times. Improper or violent conduct will not be tolerated and will result in a b

Competition rules

§  Teesside Ranking Events will run a minimum of 10 tournaments per year. These will normally be held on a Saturday afternoon but some Sundays may be included. Cleveland County matches will be avoided

§  Ranking and attendance points will be awarded which will count towards qualification for the Grand Final as follows :- Attendance (subject to entry) = 10 points then an extra 2 points added to each round you finish in 


§  Players must register and be in attendance between 11.30am and 12.30pm and be in the venue by 1.00pm, when the first round will commence. It is at the discretion of the tournament organiser to allow late entries. Registration will begin 11.30am and finish at 12.30pm. Some clubs may require an earlier registration. Please Note some competitions start at an earlier/late time. Check timings before travelling

§  The organiser will undertake to complete the tournament no later than 6.00pm

§  Toss a coin to see who throws first, if the game is level at 2-2 then the player that won the toss will throw for the bull. If both hit the outer bull ring (25) then you would shoot again

§  All games will be straight start and finish on a double. Early rounds will be best of 5 legs and the final best of 7 legs. The full “bust” rule will apply. The rules will be stipulated before the event commences

§  Winner to report to control as soon as each game is over (to enable smooth flow and continuity of the tournament). Losers are requested to mark the following game. If for any reason they are unable to do so it is up to them to find a replacement marker. If a player leaves without marking or a replacement marker they face a penalty. The penalty is they will not receive any points for that day and they will not receive any bonus points for getting through the rounds.

§  Paul temke and Adie Wels will conduct the draw - ANYONE IS ALLOWED TO WATCH THE DRAW

§  Any grievance should in the first instance be brought to the attention of a Teesside Ranking Events committee member (Paul Temke SNR/Adie Welsh). If the matter is not resolved it will be carried forward to the next committee meeting for discussion.

§  PRIZE MONEY – Winner £200  Runner Up £100 Semi Finals £50  Last 8 £25 = £500. Any monies taken over the £500 payout will be added to the Grand Final – A

Grand Final

There will be a Grand Final held in December at Whale Hill Social Club

RESERVES will replace the unavilable player therefore the draw announced in November will remain the same - This was due to the stress caused on the night changing players around. A programme will be available on the night and the draw will reflect the matches on the night barring a few changes of reserves

§  The top 32 scoring players will be invited to the Grand Final - PRIZE MONEY WILL DEPEND ON MONIES MADE DURING THAT SEASON -  If any player is unable to attend then the next scoring player will be invited and the seeds will be amended – Reserves will NOT be slotted into a higher seeding

§  The Ladies Finals will be based on the points total for the comps throughout the year

The points is based on the following - If a player ends on joint points then preference will be given to the player who has attended most competitions. If the players are still level then its the player that got furtherst in a competition ie if 1 players best finish was s emi final and the other was a lst 8 then the player on having the semi-final berth will finish higher in the ranking - A play off on Grand Final will be ONLY if a player(s) finish on the same points/played same turnaments/same furthest finish.


Who We Are

Teesside Ranking Events first event took place in January 2008. The events have gone from strength to strength with 303 players taking to the oche in 2010.

We use a very straight forward format of visiting 10 venues across Teesside on a monthly basis with a scoring system and prize structure in place for each competition. The Top 32 scoring players are invited to the Grand Final in the first week of December - All 3 Grand Finals have been played in front of a capacity audience

One of the big successes is the rise in the youth coming out of Teesside with Jordan 'The Bear' Mathews and Matty 'Boosh' Wright winning the 2009 & 2010 Youth Grand Finals though its the success of Jordan Evans that has hit the headlines when at 14yo became the youngest player to represent Cleveland County. Jordan Chedzey/Jordan Nimmo/Jamie Clements/Jack Bell/Robert Raine/Mathew Johnson/Dean Jarred have all confirmed attendance for the  2011 youth competitons and it promises to provide real excitement for the darting fans on Teesside.

Its so easy to play in any of the 10 competitons in 2011 as we have a wide range of players attending from players who just enjoy the day out to pub players to Super League players and the occassional professional. In 2008 Paul Lim attended the Eston Open, other pros who have made a cameo appearance are Alan Tabern/Gary Welding/Tony Eccles plus Lakdeside representatives Glen Moody/Dave Prins/Chris Hornby/Butch Knighton. Other top class players include ken Dobson/John Quantock/Paul Jennings/Dennis Coleman/Collin Foxton though the headline makers have been Glen Durrant and Peter Searle who have dominated the events

We have seen players make a staggering improvement including Scott 'Too Hot' Chatterton who won the Grangetown Open last year though all eyes in 2013 will be on Terry 'Woolyback' Agar who has been knocking on a win for the whole of 2012

The Ranking Events in 2013 will also have a commitee that are meeting in January 2013 to look at some improvements including the scoring system used - The minutes of this meeting will be updated on this site on Sunday 9th January 2013

We are very pleased announce the renewal of sponsorship for 2013 by YR Property Services  and their website can be found on the home page also the final year sponsorship from One Stop Darts Shop have announced sponsorship for the youth events and Jim Bannister and his support for the Ladies. Mick Barclay will be sponsoring the Youth Grand Finals again for the second year - Without these people Teesside Ranking events would struggle. 

In my opinion we have the best set up in the North East and many thanks go to Collin Foxton and Dennis Coleman and would recommend any club running a darts final to use their boards


You can ring me on 07954693622 - I would love to see new faces in 2013 as we embark on new clubs including Rileys in Middlesbrough on Saturday January 22nd to use their fantastic facilities


Glen Durrant